RIA M1911A1 2011 MS Ultra 22TCM

RIA M1911A1 2011 MS Ultra 22TCM Public

Ronald Sinclair

8 months
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I did not know the framing would be so awkward when I was recording the footage. The Mobius doesn't allow previewing...maybe next time I'll use my Hero 4 and the GoPro smartphone app.

I did manage to get some fireball footage though. I'm not sure footage of the booms are realistically represented.

The gun is impressive and addictive to shoot. I shot 100 rounds (I had two FTEs). I've 250 more rounds on hand. I can buy both online (bought 250 at $18.99 per 50-round box) and locally (at $25-$26 per 50-round box...bought 100 rounds locally, too). The FTEs usually occur because Armscor has a QA problem with casing length...out-of-spec long casings cause the FTEs.

The gun has very little recoil, but the gun is heavy (all-steel 1911)...even my .45 and 9mm 1911s have little recoil, but I fired this gun before I fired my Canik TP9SA and immediately noticed the difference when I fired the first round of 9mm.

It came with a 9mm barrel and recoil spring as well, which is great.

This is now my favorite gun.