Extractors and Loaded Chamber Indicators (LCIs)

Extractors and Loaded Chamber Indicators (LCIs) Public

Ronald Sinclair

8 months
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I've no doubt that there will be someone that will try to leave some attack on my character due to the content of this video. Know that this video's comments are moderated.

There's a difference that many people aren't aware of and actually refuse to believe otherwise. An extractor that also offers use as an LCI is still an extractor...the side benefit of an external extractor is that it can give an indication of a chambered round. Remove it from the gun and you'll have a one-shot gun. Yes, there are people that swear that the extractor on a Glock is an LCI, because Glock said it is so. I'm not joking...people are that dumb and refuse to rise above being spoon-fed.

I love my Glocks, but I also know how to think for myself. The part in question is an extractor that just happens to have a notch on it to assist with helping the new firearms owner, but it is STILL an extractor, no matter how much Glock wishes it to be otherwise. Educated owners know better, though.