Canik TP-9 SA Decocker Rant

Canik TP-9 SA Decocker Rant Public

Ronald Sinclair

8 months
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I've two SAs (one black, one FDE). I've yet to have the decocker enabled inadvertently. Yes, there's Murphy's Law, but if I were so worried about Murphy, I wouldn't be crossing streets or flying. Until I see definitive evidence that can be repeated in a realistic scenario that the decocker is unsafe, I'll continue to believe that this gun can be used defensively. Besides all that, this gun is would be one of my latter options as a carry gun, but can be used in other defensive scenarios. The opinion that a decocker on an SA striker gun is dumb or dangerous is just opinion. The firearms community is certainly abundant with opinions, but one (or many) opinion doesn't necessarily make another invalid (or valid) across the community. Choose what fits your philosophy, but don't try to paint your philosophy across the community.

This gun's decocker tends to bring out UGLY comments. Most of it isn't really logical banter, either, but I do believe that most of the ugly comments aren't the majority.

You'll either like or hate this gun (just as with all other guns). Having a choice is always good, but sometimes I think that people arent' thinking straight and complain for the sake of complaining. Most people complain about this gun's feature and haven't even used/shot/owned one (Yankee Marshall was one of those guys when he responded with his Canik video rant). Me? I actually own two of them and have shot me, unless you're doing something wrong, the decocker will not actuate inadvertently. If you've to rack the slide off your belt, that may be a problem, but if that's the case, just get a different gun. Not all guns will have the same characteristics and that includes the TP-9SA.

TYM almost always contradicts himself in his videos. He also continually snubs his reviewer peers while always being conflicted with his own can you criticize your peers when you can't get your own crap together??

I've disabled this video's comments and ratings because I don't want to have to deal with snotty & half-cocked replies. You either agree or you don't. Hating on this gun's decocker is more of a 1st World problem than anything.