Bersa Thunder and Glock 19

Bersa Thunder and Glock 19 Public

Ronald Sinclair

8 months
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First things first...excuse my very dusty desk. This used to be my work area but I no longer work from home, so the area has been neglected.

Secondly, I've been carrying the Bersa since this time last year. I wanted to share my latest experiences with it. I'm loving it and it will probably stay as my primary carry gun. I'm becoming very familiar with it (which is key to carrying).

I'd been having an issue where shooting the Bersa was painful, but I think I've solved that issue. I talk about it in the video.

As well, I've been stepping up in my usage of my Glock 19. I'd considered changing to the Glock due to the issues with the Bersa but it will probably become my bedside gun since my Bersa issues appear to be resolved.

I've also included some range footage, something I've never done. I got a new action camera that offers a first-person perspective. It's also 1080P, so it offers a great visual of me shooting and I can evaluate how I'm holding the gun after range visits.

Let me know your experiences with these firearms! Leave a comment!