Bersa Thunder 380 Plus

Bersa Thunder 380 Plus Public

Ronald Sinclair

8 months
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[Just a note: A question was asked, "why not get a glock since you don't like safeties?" In the video, I never said I don't like safeties. I said, I don't like the safety on this particular gun. It's too stiff and in a place that many people have difficulty in actuating it. Also, with DA/SA guns, safeties aren't really needed, as DA is strong enough to where there should be no trigger sensitivity mishaps. That's the nature of DA/SA guns.]

New acquisition - satin nickel Bersa Thunder 380 Plus

MSRP for this gun is $437. I found the gun at Hinterland Outfitters ( for $361.

This gun was extremely difficult to find in stock. Most places are back-ordered and Bersa is only distributing them out evenly across dealers (ie, some dealers might only get one or two of them and they go quickly).

The nickel variants are also highly sought out, which is ironic because I was actually looking for a matte black model. I only bought the nickel because I didn't want to pass up any Plus model when I finally saw a place that had them in stock.