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1776tv.com is an online magazine focused on news, liberty, faith, and rural and small-town life. 1776tv is a place to share our views and our values, a place to exchange ideas, how to guides, and reviews. Here, we can discuss better, more effective ways to educate our children and grandchildren. At 1776tv.com, we can all be proud of our heritage and look forward to our future.

1776tv was launched in 2018 due to increasing attacks on Freedom and Liberty, from our own citizens, right here on our own soil. Originally conceived as an alternative to current video sharing websites, 1776tv has grown to become an online magazine and community.


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Buttigieg and Far-Left: Erase Thomas Jefferson

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Peter Buttigieg has called for things named after President Thomas Jefferson to be renamed or erased. Buttigieg is the latest to demand the re-writing of history that the Left finds “problematic”

Russia Sells 750,000 New AK-203 Rifles

Russia has just signed a deal with the Indian Government to jointly produce over 750,000 new AK-203 rifles. The Indians have long struggled with their notoriously unreliable INSAS rifle chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO.

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Preserving and Tanning Hides

Hides have provided clothing, blankets, tools, shoes, wall decorations and scores of other things for mankind. Animal hides can provide a hunter with a fine jacket or coat, or buckskin pants that would make Tecumseh jealous.


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Conservative States Pushing Back Against The Left

Conservative States over the month of May have been pushing hard against the agenda of the Democrats and the Left. For many years it has certainly seemed to most of those on the Right that the Left was unstoppable in pursuing their agenda. May 2019 has seemingly proved them very wrong, to the detriment of the Left.

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