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AK or AR-15 for Home Defense

Who else grew up with everyone telling you that a rifle is not good for home defense?  I sure did.  In fact, not all that long ago the only weapons according to most folks that were suitable for home defense were .12 gauge shotguns loaded with 00 Buck, a wheel gun, or a finely polished and tuned .45ACP 1911 pistol.  Times have changed.

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The 5 Best AKs On The Market

Don’t settle for a poorly built copy. The 5 AK rifles listed here are some of the most proven AK rifles on the US market. From forged trunnions and barrels to reliability and longevity. Don’t settle for a lesser rifle when purchasing your first AK rifle.

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Dipping Your Toes In The Shooting Sports

It won’t be hard to find your first competition. It may be at a shooting club, a local event, etc. You may even work up the courage to head to Camp Perry. The internet is a great resource. Joining a rod and gun, or shooting club should be a priority as many host small competitions that are great for getting your feet wet.

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How Much Ammo Is Enough For SHTF?

Most of can’t say with certainty what will or what will not happen.  The economy is on the rocks, unemployment high, rumblings from Russia and China; saber rattling from Iran, terror, Antifa, and the list goes on.  One has to admit this is not the relatively peaceful 1980s or the 90s anymore. So with all of these dangers possibly on the horizon, a question I am hearing more and more often is, “how much ammunition should I stockpile?” 

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