New Gun - AKM-63

New Gun - AKM-63 Public

Ronald Sinclair

8 months
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EDIT: I mis-spoke in the video. The CII AMD-63 rifles are built on the AMD-65 gas tube. Essentially, the AMD-65 has a short gas tube to allow for shorter barrels, but a *true* AMD-63 has a normal length AK gas tube. The CII rifles ALL use the AMD-65 short gas tube, so you are limited with your options for your handguard.

This is an FEG (Hungarian) AK variant that I bought from Clearview Investments for $529, with 5 Tapco mags, a 4-mag mag pouch, and a leather sling. The rifle also has a Tapco G2 trigger and Phoenix Industries stock. I've installed a Magpul lower handguard to replace the unshielded metal handguard/foregrip that it came with (I don't want to deal with barrel heat). Next mod would be to obtain a modified gas tube and cover, a collapsible stock, and a new grip.

No, this isn't a WASR but I couldn't find a WASR at the same price point as what I bought this rifle. Neither could I find an NPAP (or any PAP) for close to that price.