Manually Decocking a Hammer-fired DA/SA Handgun; Defensive Ammo

Manually Decocking a Hammer-fired DA/SA Handgun; Defensive Ammo Public

Ronald Sinclair

8 months
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This is a do-over video. I found multiple issues with the previous one.

I describe how I manually decock my hammer-fired DA/SA handgun. In fact, on the GP forums, a company representative states the following:

"You can order the K100 and P1 with the decocking hammer group.
With that system, you can use the firearm in three ways.

1) Hammer back, safety on (Up), single action first shot. (Cocked and locked)
2) Hammer down, safety off, double action first shot. (Classic DA/SA)
3) Hammer down, safety (Down), double action only each shot."

Read it at

I also share the defensive ammo I'm currently using (Winchester Personal Protection JHP) -- this is in segment #2. Segment #2 is a 7:40.

This is just ONE of several ways of manually decocking, and it is a safe way. Note that there's always a chance of setting off a round while doing this. If you do not want any chance of this happening, you need to get a pistol with a decocker. As well, when decocking manually, be aware of the general firearms safety rules.