Grand Power P11 - 817 rounds

Grand Power P11 - 817 rounds Public

Ronald Sinclair

8 months
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I've had no issues with the P11 since I quit firing Remington white box out of it. It also doesn't like Reminton HTP, but as long as I stay away from either of those types of Remington, it functions flawlessly. I took the GP out to the local range last night. I functioned flawlessly. Shot 100 rounds of American Eagle out of it. I'm now up to 817 rounds. Also, last week, my wife fired it. It's one of her favorite guns and she was accurate as hell with it. She likes it better than her Ruger SR9C. Oh, and I have 3 new 15-round mags for the P11. I speak about the purchase in the video.

I also took the Bersa Plus out...fired 125 rounds out of it. No issues. It feels more difficult to shoot than my P11, though, and they're roughly the same size. I think my hands are too big for the Bersa Plus, because my trigger finger wants to wrap past the's difficult to put the pad of my finger on the trigger. Because of this, I will not carry it (not that I've a carry rotation...I don't rotate carry guns).