FU** YOU TRUMP ... You have screwed gun owners for the last time.

FU** YOU TRUMP ... You have screwed gun owners for the last time. Public

Kalashnikov Mania

9 months
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I worked hard to get President Trump elected and to have him go back on his word on this Omnibus bill was the last straw. A bump stock ban that he so proudly claims while at the same time fully funding planned Parenthood that kills over 500k babies a year.. Claiming National Security was the reason for the signing when in fact that it was the soldiers that would not get paid for a week or so that was the national Security issue.
Funding for only 30 miles of fencing on our border and no work continuing with the new wall project .. and much more.

So why sign it? Why screw over your voter base? Were you even in the right frame of mind when you signed it?

2018 is going to be the revenge of the Gun owner come November so republicans who held the majority and used the majority position like drunken sailors had better get used to being the minority again.
And come 2020 dont look for me or others to vote Trump ... We want a Patriot not a liar.