The Left Wants Us Dead

The Left Wants Us Dead

“Is the Left trying to kill us?”

I heard this question the other day.  I would say it was just an innocent question from someone who may or may not have believed that the Left in this nation is capable of such a heinous act.

I have to say the answer is, darkly, probably yes. At least when it comes to the Leadership of the Left and their core followers.



This is not the first time socialism, that ugly and disgusting system has thought genocidal thoughts or engaged in genocidal behavior.  Antifa and their supporters’ parade in the streets screaming “kill all white people”. When their screaming dies down, they content themselves with bashing the heads of anyone who has the gall to disagree with them.  Their actions are in lock step with socialist of yesteryear. They are doing what socialism has done for a century, both Nazis and Communists. This is nothing new, as there is nothing new under the sun.  Socialism, whose branches include National Socialism (Nazis) and Communism, has accounted for a mountain of death in the 20th century alone.

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The Nazis killed 12 million people.  Stalin easily killed as many. That’s not counting the tens of millions killed in World War II and its aftermath due to these ideals. The Chinese made them both look bad. Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward” starved at least 50 million Chinese to death. We can throw in Korea, Vietnam, insurgencies across the globe and genocide in Communists nations that continues to this day. All in all, there have been over 200 million deaths that can be directly linked to Socialism.  These numbers are of course played down by modern academia and buried to only look like 50 million.  But the grizzly truth, if you look at all the warfare, genocide, and other means of death directly linked to Socialism, if far greater in horror.  The number of deaths is truly gigantic and almost beyond comprehension.

If you add the forced abortions in many communist nations, the death toll only climbs higher.

Only Islam has killed more.

Most modern communists would never admit that they want you dead. Yet, they admitted it back in the 1970s, with the Weather Underground.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Weather Underground, it’s ok.  This bit of nasty communist insurgency has again been buried by media, academia, and Democrats.  Bill Ayers, a close mentor of Barack Obama was a leader in a Communist Revolutionary insurgency that bombed the Pentagon and other institutions across the US.  That is until they literally blew themselves up.

An undercover FBI informant later revealed the Weather Underground’s plan included the massacre of “at least” 25 million Americans would be necessary to achieve communism in the United States.

Move over Hitler, the bra-burning Commies are here to outdo you. In fact, many of our domestic communists would make Hitler look like a Boy Scout if given half a chance to do so.

Hillary Clinton, during the 2016 Election announced her plan for a 5 million man “National Reserve”, that would be trained and organized on military lines. One must wonder what exactly she was planning to do with such a massive body of manpower.  It is not too farfetched to wonder what would have happened if she had one, raised her 5,000,000 man private army and sent them after Conservative America.

Sounds like a nightmare.  I wonder if it wasn’t that far from the truth.  The thoughts are terrifying to ponder.

With the truth and history quickly closing in and corroborating each other, we are faced with a grim and stark reality.

Under no circumstance can we bow the knee to socialism. They want us dead.  You, me, our spouses and our children.

Think they would never kill kids?  They just blocked a bill protecting aborted babies born alive.

The Left’s leadership and core believers are literally drenched in the blood of the innocents. They are akin to the Serial Killer who has just killed and then looks to us with a knife in hand, covered the blood of their previous victims. They scream “give up your guns” with one side of their mouth, while screaming “death to whitey” out the other.  Only the very foolish believe the communists that make up the leadership of the Left will grant us peace if we merely surrender.  It looks as if they want us all dead.


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