Richard Burr Turns Left

Richard Burr Turns Left

Richard Burr is not winning friends and influencing people right now, especially within his own party. The man behind the rouge subpoena of Donalad Trump Jr., in relation to collusion charge has outraged his own party. From fellow North Carolina Senator Tom Tillis to Representative Mark Meadows, Burr has been the subject of condemnation and admonition.

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“The people of North Carolina are very upset about this,” Wayne King, the deputy chief of staff to Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and former vice chairman of the North Carolina GOP, said on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel. “They’re very upset about the attack on the president’s family and the attack on the president, and you can’t call it anything else but that–it’s an attack on the president and the first family. I’ve spent a good bit of time with Donald Trump, Jr., and he’s such a nice man–and for his family and him to have to go through this once again is just unbelievable to me. As a private citizen, he should be just that–a private citizen. Sen. Burr’s not running again, and his seat will be up in 2022, so there’s not any electoral repercussions [for him], but certainly people are talking about it and they’re very upset about it. I think that’s the reason Sen. Tillis came out so strongly against it, because he knew that that is not supported in North Carolina.”

King also said that the subpoena is indefensible and meant to “target” not only President Trump but the president’s whole family.

“I don’t understand that either. To subpoena a private citizen who’s already appeared before and testified some 25 hours is unbelievable to me,” King said. “It’s a target to the president’s family. It’s a target to the president. And it’s a problem, it’s a problem in this state, it’s a problem nationally, and the truth of the matter is when Leader McConnell says that the investigation is over, it should be over. We obviously have the Mueller report, which obviously the president was vindicated in that report in my opinion, and now they want to circle back again? It’s unbelievable. We control the U.S. Senate–now we need to act like we control the U.S. Senate.” – Breitbart

No North Carolina Republicans have joined Burr and the attitude of constituents in North Carolina mirrors those in office. Disdain, anger and a feeling of betrayal.  Burr’s Facebook Page and Twitter account have been riddled with comments from angry North Carolinian Conservative, some even demanding his resignation.

In today’s political climate there are some things conservatives simply cannot abide, one of them is a traitor from within.  From Lindsey Graham and his support for Red Flag Laws to Burr’s beating of a dead horse.  American Conservatives would do well to remember this come primary season.


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