National Gun Confiscation Has Already Begun

National Gun Confiscation Has Already Begun

The dangers of National Gun Confiscation are very real. Only the very naive would look at the current political and constitutional crisis and conclude that gun owners in America are out of the woods. The reality is that we most certainly are nowhere near safe from the verbal, physical and political attacks from half of our very own countrymen.

Flying in the face of our rights, foundations, and heritage, the Left in this nation has systematically torn down and replaced institutions and liberties at a feverish pace over the past century. And they show no signs of slowing down.

If anything, their pace has quickened.

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Red Flag laws, lauded by the Left and Moderates alike have become in vogue as of late.  Trumpeted by nearly every Democrat in office and moderates like Lindsey Graham, these laws have stripped due process in over a dozen states. In California, the list of those who can petition a judge to have your second amendment rights stripped now includes teachers, ex-lovers, relatives, coworkers, police, and just about every joe on the street.

You had better not have any enemies.

Red Flag laws are not a means to prevent crime. They are at their very nature a political tool used by the elites and their followers to strip their opponents of rights and common defense.  This is nothing new, followers of political fringes have long known there can be no victory for Marxism or Fascism without civil disarmament or violent revolution. Red Flag legislation represents a grave danger and already thousands of Americans who have committed no crime have had their arms confiscated.

The Left has failed with Assault Weapon Bans, where mass non-compliance has rendered them mute and where a massive industry cranks out these rifles faster than they can be banned or confiscated.  They have failed at closing down gun shows.  They have even failed to tax ammunition and firearms so only the wealthy can afford them.

They are now trying a militant approach.  One where we are disarmed one by one.

This cannot stand, not if we are to remain a free people.



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