Buttigieg and Far-Left: Erase Thomas Jefferson

Buttigieg and Far-Left: Erase Thomas Jefferson

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Peter Buttigieg has called for things named after President Thomas Jefferson to be renamed or erased. Buttigieg is the latest to demand the re-writing of history that the Left finds “problematic”, especially when it comes to the Founding Fathers or any other figure that promotes personal liberty.

“Over time, you develop and evolve on the things you choose to honor … Jefferson is more problematic,”  said Buttigieg, “There’s a lot, of course, to admire in his thinking and his philosophy, but then again if you plunge into his writings, especially the notes on the state of Virginia, you know that he knew slavery was wrong. We are all morally conflicted human beings.”

He didn’t end there and continued, “The real reason I think there is a lot of pressure on this is the relationship between the past and present that we’re finding in a million different ways that racism isn’t some curiosity out of the past that we’re embarrassed about but moved on from,” 

The Far-Left has been screaming about erasing history for well over a decade now. This is a major cause for concern.  The history that they want to erase has to do with the very foundations on which our Republic are built upon.  The ideas and ideals of Liberty, and self-governance. The thought of God-given rights,  and even the very idea of free-worship.

If the Left can erase history, they can replace it with whatever they want. If entire generations know nothing of Liberty, nothing of the rights that they are guaranteed by our Constitution or Bill of Rights then they will fall victim to a tyrannical government. The very same tyrannical government the Democratic Party longs for. Censorship, control, taxation without representation and far worse. These are the ideal of the Marx loving Democrats. The same party that has adopted communism under another name, “progress”.  

The “Brave New World” approach by the left can fragment and shatter this nation perhaps in a manner similar to the breakup of Yugoslavia. Don’t think for a moment it can’t happen here, it already is.  

Make no mistake Buttigieg and the other 2020 Democratic candidates are far worse than anything we have seen come from the Left. If elected Pandora’s Box will have been opened.   


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