Building a Fishing Pond

Building a Fishing Pond

Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for a day. Build a man a fishing pond, and he will start competing in Bass competitions and begin calling his pond a lake. He will likewise have a prepared wellspring of food for his family that is fresh, rich in nutrients, and high in protein. Should fiasco strike, you and your family can have a replicating wellspring of fish.

Try not to let the title of the article fool you, you can’t simply choose one day to get up and build a pond your back 40. It can be costly, it can take a huge amount of time, and it can all go downhill quickly in the event that you haven’t done your homework. There are conditions that must be met before you even consider building a fishing pond.

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Where To Begin

Fishing Pond

A Small Fishing Pond

To start with you need land. Sounds crazy I know, but to get water you need land. You will need significant water drainage to fill your pond and keep it full. A good guideline is no less than 10 acres of land for each acre of the pond you will be building. Next, you should make certain what you are doing is lawful in your locale. The last thing you want is a hefty fine.

While exploring the initial two stages, you will need to find out whether your acreage can support a pond. That implies soil, more specifically clay. Does your dirt have enough clay in it to keep water from seeping out of that nice expensive hole in the ground? In the event you do; great! If not, you can either tuck it in (costly), or surrender your desire to have the next great lake (cheap). So in the event that you have the land, the local government doesn’t scowl excessively, and you have clay, the time has come to assemble the next inland sea, err, your koi, I mean bass pond.

Next step is to plan your pond out, how big do you need it? I would say if you are genuinely utilizing this as a food source and emergency water you should plan for at least an acre in size, even better 2-10 acres, the larger the pond the easier it will be to maintain fish species. Map your pond out; be sure you have a water source to keep it filled. This can be a spring on your property, or a stream you can dig a canal between it and your pond.

Now to start the construction process:  Determining the pond’s depth is another matter, it depends on you and your land.  I would say be sure the channel in the center of the pond is at least 15-20 feet deep.  If you want any islands, now will be the time to create them.  Boat ramps, planning inflow and outflow of your inland sea, and other aspects of building all need to be designed and completed at this stage.

The bulldozer is the best tool for the job on this project.  You can build a pond yourself. In fact, you could do it all by hand.  But why use a shovel when you can use a diesel?  Hiring a contractor is a popular option, but will cost much more in the end.  Of course, you could just leak it to the American press that proof of Obama’s citizenship is buried in your field.  You’ll be shocked how fast that pond is dug, and you won’t have to worry about anyone spending the time to fill it back in.

The expense to build a pond? It could be just a few thousand dollars on the off chance that you are building it yourself with your own bulldozer or one you borrowed. If you hire a contractor plan $4-6,000 for each acre of land with clay-rich soil. The expense can soar over $10,000 per acre of land is you have low-quality soil with little or no clay.

Filling and Stocking

So you have done your homework, mapped the pond out, bulldozed your new wonder of the world into existence, and now the time has come to stock your pond with fish. You might need to add some fish cover and structure to your pond before it fills with water. Rocks, downed trees, and different types of cover will lure baitfish and predators alike seeking to find cover for forage, breeding, and ambush. A new pond typically lacks cover, and including it after pond development can really boost the ecosystem of your reservoir.

Fish Stocking

Fish Stocking

Stocking Fish depends on where you are in the country. Generally, a mix of 500 bluegills, 200 shell cracker, 100 largemouth and perhaps 50 channel catfish per acre is acceptable in most locations.  SHad and shiners can also be added, again depending on location. It is wise to stock bream and baitfish in the spring and let them breed 2-3 times, and stock your bass in the late summer, or early fall.  Catfish should be added the following year.  Larger ponds and lake can support different varieties, but I strongly suggest you check with your state’s fish and game for recommendations before stocking.

How long it takes your pond to fill with water, relies upon the pond. For some of you opening the waterway to a stream can take a matter of a couple of days. Large rainstorms can fill it inside of hours. Generally, anticipate as high as a couple of months.  If you built the pond correctly, with great clay-rich soil, and with a water source it will fill.

At the point when your pond has enough water, for the most part no less than 4 feet, you may have the capacity to start stocking. Presently what fish to stock and what number of every species is going to differ uncontrollably by which territory of the nation you live.

You are going to need to research very carefully on how to establish the proper ecosystem for your part of the country.  Building a pond can be a large task, and like any large task, you have to spend long hours researching and planning your project. If you do that, you can have a quality renewable food source for you and your family.  Not to mention a great fishing hole.


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