Antifa and Communist Violence Erupts Worldwide

Antifa and Communist Violence Erupts Worldwide

What was supposed to be a peaceful gathering in Paris, descended into chaos as thousands of Antifa and Black Block members descended on the city, destroying property and violently clashing with Police and Yellow Vest Protestors.  Across Paris, over 16,000 communist Antifa and Black Block members participated in the riot. 150,000 more communist protestors across the nation were also involved in other pro-socialist May Day Protests. More than 7,400 police officers were deployed in Paris because of the May Day events. The Paris police department said there were 288 arrests.

Across Europe, tens of thousands of other Left-leaning protestors hit the streets. In Moscow, Russia 100,000 May Day Protestors gathered to oppose President Vladimir Putin’s policies and push for a Marxist regime.  

And it wasn’t just in Europe, according to an article from Fox News,

In South Africa, an opposition party is using May Day to rally voters a week before the country’s national election.

Economic Freedom Fighters members, wearing their signature red shirts and berets, gathered at a stadium in Johannesburg to cheer in support of populist stances that have put pressure on the ruling African National Congress to address issues like economic inequality and land reform.

A South Korean major umbrella trade union has issued a joint statement with a North Korean workers’ organization calling for the Koreas to push ahead with engagement commitments made during a series of inter-Korean summits last year.

Many of the plans agreed between the Koreas, including joint economic projects, have been held back by a lack of progress in nuclear negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang.

Demonstrators in Turin, Italy scuffled with police in riot gear as they attempted to march through the city streets.


            turin may day


May Day has historically been a pro-Marxism “holiday” celebrated by left-leaning individual every year. And every year in one place or another, violence breaks out.  The newcomers to the scene are the hundreds of thousands of Antifa members worldwide who decry “fascist” principles and push for the adoption of Marxist policies, and “equality”.  The past two years have seen increased violence from the left and if this is any sign, 2019 could be a wild ride.



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