The Real Environmental Crisis

The Real Environmental Crisis

I never really bought into the ‘Climate Change’ thing. I grew up in Upstate New York and became familiar with ‘lake effect’ at an early age. Our weather is warm one minute and cold the next. Winter’s are long, summers are nice, just a little too short. Our weather changes, it has for centuries and will continue as long as the Lord chooses. So why all the hoopla? Why all the cash being shoveled out over something we can do little about?

The real disaster is something we can work on- the GMO mess. When I say mess, I mean a big mess. First off let me say from the start I hold no Ph.D. in super thinking. I have a measly two-year, associate’s degree in horticulture. That’s it. I’m not here to impress.

I’ve been looking into the GMO thing for a couple of years now and what I’m finding is very disturbing indeed. It’s the quintessential lab project gone terribly wrong. You could make this into a horror movie. A certain large biotech firm creates crops that destroy our soil and our health. Government is deep in their pockets, covers up test results, and tells the world you’re just trying to feed more people on less land. What could be the harm?

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The GMO thing is huge. Biotech companies are working overtime wrecking our health and destroying the earth. Take a genetically modified seed, plant it in soil that has been doused with synthetic fertilizers, as the plants grow spray ridiculous amounts of weed killer like Round Up on them, spray copious amounts of insecticides and what you have is a toxic soup. The food is harmful as it has absorbed the glyphosate from the weed killer, this is ruining our gut health and immune systems. Rain washes away the fertilizers into our rivers and streams. We now have dangerous algae blooms and polluted water. Add to all that- the insecticides are breeding bugs that become immune to the chemicals, so they now dump more chemicals as the bugs grow resistant and become super pests nearly impossible to eradicate.


In this country, there is little to no oversight. Politicians won’t go near this as they are given huge contributions to their campaigns. Many people who sit on environmental boards or agricultural committees are former board members of the biotech firms. But nothing to see here. It’s almost laughable how these politicians insist the food served in their homes be organic.

What needs to be done is all at the grassroots level- literally. It’s you and me. Buy organic, grow organic, encourage your local farmers who are trying their best to farm organically. Awareness is our biggest weapon.

The climate change thing is bogus. Notice that all these people who cry crocodile tears about the environment fly their private planes to meetings where they are given vast amounts of cash- lots from our pockets, as they file false reports and work the lame and uninformed into a frenzy. If they were really concerned would they fly around in those jets? Would they? Nope! It’s a scam, folks. But the real crisis is one you and I will talk about long before any politician will work up the courage to face this mess head on and truly do something about it.



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