The Best Home Defense Shotgun

The Best Home Defense Shotgun

Best Home Defense Shotgun

Zach Dunn

A shotgun for personal defense is a decent option.  You cannot beat the close range firepower that a .12 gauge offers.  Nothing scares the crap out of a bad guy as that iconic racking of the action as you chamber a round of instant death. Such an action makes liberals across the country cry at the thought that you are allowed to own such firepower.

Now with a shotgun, shooting a slug or 00 Buck can over penetrate modern walls in most homes built in the past 75 years with the exception of log homes.  That’s why I recommend shot for home defense, I personally use number 4s. If you live in the country, and don’t have to worry that much about over penetration, by all means load that sucker with slugs and 00 Buck rounds. You will make any bag guy quickly regret choosing your house to break into. At close range you cannot beat the 00 Buck for sheer destructive firepower.

When it comes to choosing a home defense shotty, here are my choices.

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Mossberg M590A1, Mossberg 500

The current issue pump-action shotgun of the US Military.  This beast comes with a 6 round tubular magazine, heat shield and a bayonet lug.  Because you never know when you need to fix bayonets in a home defense situation. This sucker is set up for just about anything that hell can throw at you.  The barrel has a single bead sight so this is not something that you are going to be taking shots over 30 yards or so, but that is not what the firearm I designed for.

You will be spending over $500 for the M590A1, but it is worth it. From the steel trigger housing to the double feed rails, the 590 is a cut above the standard 500. However if budget is a constraint, there are other variations of the 500 platform that can suit your needs.  You can always go for the classic 500 with a short barrel.  This stock shotgun has a 5 round magazine for an overall capacity of 5+1.  Get the Persuader and you can have a shotgun that holds up to 8 rounds of defensive ammunition.

I really like how the safety is set up on Mossberg shotguns, right where your thumb can quickly disengage it.  The pump release is located right behind the trigger, which is a superior set up to the Remington 870.  These two features alone make the shotgun a very fast gun to bring into battery and be prepared to shoot.

Remington 870

I have had my 870 express for 20 years, and the thing is built like a tank. The shotgun has never once failed me and if I had to survive on mars alone, this is what I would take with me.  You can buy the tactical 870 with a 6 round magazine and a breaching choke.  Because so many of us use a breaching choke every day.  You have the option between a bead sight and rifle sights. If you purchase a barrel with rifle sights they are great for launching slugs out to 75 yards.

While I hate the position of the pump release on the 870, overall I like this gun just as much as like a Mossberg 500 series (including the 590). My 870 has a silky smooth action and is a sure pointer, a perfect option for defending the family homestead.


Benelli M4

This is the shotgun for those with money to spend.  It is not cheap, but neither is a Porsche. The M4, is not the M4 Carbine used by the US Military.  It is used by the US Army and Marine Corps as the M1014 and has been busting down doors and bad guys in both Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade.

The M4 is a semi-automatic shotgun that holds 6 rounds of ammunition in the civilian version.  The shotgun has a fixed butt stock.  The weapon has been tested to perform flawlessly up 25,000 rounds, and this is one of the big reasons for its adoption by the US military. In a home defense role, this firearm shines.  It is a fast pointing pieces, and its semi-automatic action can allow a shooter to put rounds on target very quickly.  It is also extraordinarily accurate for a shotgun, and I have had no problems making nice tight groups with slugs at 35 rounds.  In fact it seemed almost like I didn’t have to work for it like I have with other street howitzers.

As I mentioned before, the weapon system is a bit pricey at $1800.  This is not a shotgun everyone can afford to go out and buy today.  But for those of us who save up, or can blow the cash on it, you won’t regret it.  This about the most reliable semi-auto shotgun I have ever laid eyes on, and about perfect in every way for the home owner looking for a great home defense gun.

1 Comment

  1. Pete

    My Wingmaster police is my go to home defense shotty, but I’ll probably grab one of my LMTs if I hear a crash in the night.

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