American Yugoslavia: Welcome to the Next Civil War

American Yugoslavia: Welcome to the Next Civil War

Zach Dunn

Yugoslavia during most of the 20th Century was a nation few ever thought could descend into Civil War.  Unlike most other nations behind the Iron curtain, the people of Yugoslavia prospered in many ways.  Under the leadership of Marshall Tito, people had the freedom and relative prosperity. This was especially true starting in the 1950s.  Yugoslavia, unlike the USSR, had religious freedom, free enterprise, and unrestricted travel for its citizens. Life is Yugoslavia was nowhere near as brutal as in many other communist nations.  Citizens could even own guns.

After Tito’s death in 1980, Yugoslavia held together for another 11 years.

Yes, there were many factors that led to the breakup of Yugoslavia and the bloody Yugoslavia Civil Wars, also known as the Yugoslav Wars.  It was a nation of many ethnic groups, ideological groups and political divisions.  In the end between 250,000-1,000,000 people were killed, we’ll never know.

Since 2008, the United States has seen fracturing and division it has not seen in 150 years.  It is not a fracture caused by race, as some would want you to believe.  Nor is it caused by the enslavement of a people. It is a fracturing of ideologies. What was once one Nation indivisible has over the past two decades transformed into two very different Americas.

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The first America, is the traditional United States.  They work hard for a living USA, with a strong foundation of Faith, Family, and Freedom. They keep and bear arms. This America values the constitution and the history of our nation.  Most of the military comes from this America, as do most of the nation’s blue-collar workforce.

The other America believes in everything being fair.  To this America, they dream of a classless society where everyone is equal.  Religion to them needs to be pushed aside and replaced by science.  Sexual and reproductive rights trump Constitutional rights. Children can be thrown away. After all, in their eyes, it’s only a fetus and not a human made in the image of God. Feelings are paramount to facts. The Constitution is no longer the law of the land to them.  It has long been replaced in their eyes by the writings of Marx.

Yes, there are people for sure in the middle of these groups, but their numbers are dwindling.  In a culture war that has become quite brutal over the last decade, there is no longer any room for the middle man.

America Post-January 2017

antifa j20

With the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, the divide between Americans has grown greater.  The Left in America has resorted to riots, violence, and intimidation to force its will on the US.  What is unique about this, is that this is happening when the US is not involved in any major war. This is not Vietnam, and it is not even Gulf War II. The War on Terror has simmered down with the defeat of ISIS.

Since inauguration day, the violence has only escalated.  Berkeley California, New York City are all at the time of this writing seeing large scale protests. Virginia, and now Portland Oregon have descended in chaos. The majority of these protests have quickly turned to riots with the destruction of property and violence.  And these are not small scale events, rioters number in the hundreds and thousands.

Many of these events are well planned out and executed, as a military operation would be.  On Donald Trump’s inauguration, the Leftist Disrupt J20 organized mass mayhem across DC.  They were successful in shutting down checkpoints, and rioting in the streets smashing windows and torching limousines. Of course, the presence of thousands of Police and Military kept them at bay, but it has continued to escalate.


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Secession in our Time?

The first Civil War was between states. There were clear lines drawn and both sides wore uniforms. But now are we on the verge of seeing a real, neighbor against neighbor civil war in our lifetime?  I don’t know.  But it now seems more likely than it did a few years ago.

Not unlike 1860, secession is a word that is spreading like wildfire. California started beating the drum of secession in 2017, and those calls have not disappeared.  For now, it seems that many are nervously holding their breath for the outcome of the 2020 election. But secession is not off the table.

With an economy that is responsible for over 20 Trillion GDP annually, California would take a sizable portion of the USA’s Gross Domestic Product with it.  Especially in the realm of manufacturing and technology.  California also produces nearly ¼ of the produce grown in the USA.  With a population of nearly 40 Million, over a tenth of the US population resides in the Golden State.

To the north, Oregon and Washington states are also progressive states, especially on the western coasts.  The eastern portion of these two states, and eastern California is Conservative, but strong Urban and immigrant majorities lean left.  Militantly left.  It would not be surprising to see a similar push for secession in reverse, at least in the eastern portions of these states, if California leaves the US.

Another question would be, if the “Left Coast” left the union, how would the equally progressive Northeast handle it.  With the loss of the one, or as many as all three of these liberal states there would be no possibility of a Democrat-controlled House, Senate, or Presidency for the foreseeable future.  The Northeast may also push to leave the union.

Whether it would even happen is one thing.  But stranger things have happened in history. Whether it would happen peacefully if it did occur is another subject altogether.

Another possibility and perhaps a much more likely and terrifying possibility is civil war.  It wouldn’t take much.  A few politically motivated shootings. God forbid assassinations. Urban insurrection. Or if pushed too far to the left and guerilla war in the rural parts of America. This is not unheard of. Balkanization nearly always leads to war. Especially when such large portions of a country are polarized. Polarization is dangerous, and that polarization in America only grows deeper with each passing day.

Maybe, there could even be a socialist revolution? Led by young supporters of the open and avowed communist, Bernie Sanders. It is not unheard of, many socialist revolutions have started that way, spurred on by the brainwashed pupils in universities.

If this happened, there is little doubt in my mind those of us on the right will respond and fast.  Former military, county sheriffs, hunters, preppers, gun owners, and patriots from all over the nation would come out as a National “Militia” and fight side by side with many in the armed forces. If that happens, you’ve just landed in Civil War, take two…


  1. Bubba

    Sure as hell is coming. I can’t have a conversation with a Democrat anymore without being called a nazi, or a rascist. I’m neither. I’ve been threatened. This sort of thing didn’t happen a decade ago.

  2. Pete

    Pray for peace. Prepare for war.

  3. Zach Dunn

    I do pray for peace. But there is too much of a realist in me to think that we can get off the course we are on. Only by the grace of God can we avoid what may very well be coming at us.

    • Avatar

      Brother you are technologically smart. Set up a secure patriot network for communications. This thing ain’t going to explode. The way they’ll do it quietly individually as much as possibly. Media ain’t going to cover it. It’ll be up to a social media Paul revere type of network to sound the alarm of God fobid it comes to shooting.

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