Mr. Mueller’s Witch Hunt

Mr. Mueller’s Witch Hunt

Zach Dunn

Does true justice remain in America?  While Hilary Clinton’s Uranium One deal was sloppily and briskly swept under the proverbial rug, the Justice Department at the urging of its Deep State overlords and the Left blindly stumbled into the Mueller Investigation.  The smoking gun of the fake dossier clearly held in the hands of the Democratic Party and the like of John McCain did not even phase Mueller’s blind probes.  Nor were any charges leveled against those responsible for these two blatant betrayals of our Constitution.

No instead, as our nation’s cracks and fissures grew in scale between right and left, Mueller and his team of FBI, poured gasoline on the flames of a divided nation. They looked for a crime not where it had been committed, but figuratively stepped over the bodies with their eyes shut while they screamed: “I don’t see anything!”. They ignored the real collusion, and let the real traitors walk away, free.

This entire fiasco has been an embarrassment to both Justice and the American Legal system. The Left literally colluded in the 2016 elections.  The Left literally sold enriched uranium to Russia. The Left has literally lied about it. And the Left has literally just reenacted the Salem Witch Trials before our very eyes. 

I for one am glad to see this ridiculous probe end.  But it is not enough. 

Traitors of our great country have walked away, 3 men now sit in jail for no reason at all, other than they backed the Conservative President.

The end of the witch hunt not only signals the end of a failure, but it is also another nail in the coffin for true justice in America.   


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Zach Dunn

Zach Dunn is one of the owners of 1776TV and serves as Senior Editor. He is a passionate Constitutionalist. He enjoys the Outdoors, Firearms, and History. He is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. Zach is married to Amy and they have a son and three daughters. He currently resides in the Mountains of North Carolina.

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