Lindsay Graham and Feinstein Push Gun Confiscation

Lindsay Graham and Feinstein Push Gun Confiscation

Lindsey Graham’s Betrayal

Zach Dunn

Lindsay Graham may have had his shining moment when he bravely supported the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the bench of the Supreme Court.  Bravo, thank you Mr. Graham. 

But Graham has a very dark side, he is one of those Senators who will bravely take a stand when his side is with him, but will turn around and assault the rights of his fellow Citizens.  He has overwhelmingly supported the stripping of rights and due process when it comes to an American Citizen accused of Terror.  But his latest betrayal is aimed at the heart of America itself and his own constituents.

By this, I refer to his overwhelming support for Red Flag Laws, or Extreme Risk Protection Orders. A Red Flag law allows just about anyone, a cop, an angry ex-wife, a crazy ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, or your leftist cousin Jill who stopped shaving her legs 5 years ago, to petition a judge to have your firearms confiscated.  That’s right, anyone can request that your firearms be taken.  Get a judge who is slanted to the Left and boom, cops show up at your door demanding your firearms.

You will be stripped of your second amendment rights, have little due process, and your guns will be confiscated by cops.  Maybe even a SWAT team.

Red Flag laws are yet another knee jerk reaction to school shootings and domestic terror attacks.  Along with more gun free zones and gun control, this is a direct assault leveled at American Citizens. 

The bill itself, the “Extreme Risk Protection Order of 2019”, is authored by none other than Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). Feinstein hates armed America and has literally dedicated her political life to the weakening and abolishment of the Second Amendment.  Graham is working with her closely on this.  In early March, he told CNN the “Extreme Risk Protection Order of 2019”, confiscatory gun laws are a place Republicans and Democrats can “come together” on in relation to firearms control.

You heard that right, a sitting Republican Senator is working with the Left to push Gun Confiscation. 

On Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing over the Extreme Risk Protection Order of 2019, Graham said, “every right has limits.”

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has betrayed us. 

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