I’m Relearning How to Eat – Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

I’m Relearning How to Eat – Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

My first foray into healthy eating came after I graduated college. I worked at a florist shop in the middle of my home town. I went to the little ‘health food shop’ where I purchased yogurt, bag of nuts and a Tiger’s Milk Bar, and this became my lunch. This was eating what was considered good, wholesome food. The emphasis was on keeping away from preservatives and buying into the new way of shopping at co-ops. Little did I know the bag of nuts was the only thing that was healthy.

The other day as I was out shopping, I found the same brand of yogurt I used to buy back in those days (Brown Cow, for the curious). Armed with knowledge about sugar and carbs, I was shocked to read the label- this wasn’t healthy eating. You might as well eat a dish of ice cream than a tub of this yogurt. What about the ‘healthy bar’ I ate in my younger years? Yep, it too was filled with sugar. What I thought I was doing was eating healthy, but that’s not the truth.

I Started Out Fighting It

My first experience with the low carb, low sugar eating plan was, well, I’m embarrassed to say, an outright argument. My husband brought home a book about eating protein and avoiding breads and other carbs and I fought hard to defend healthy grains, pasta over bacon, and other information I had gleaned over the years. Mind you at this point I had fifty pounds to lose.

This way of eating seemed so wrong compared to how I had been taught by all the diet gurus, aerobic dance instructors, and endless articles in magazines. I was an avid reader of healthy cookbooks, I was serious about losing weight, but little did I know the information I was taking in was working against me.

Bacon Wrapped AvacadoEven today when I talk about low carb and low sugar eating in my weight loss support group, I face a brick wall of skepticism. I’m up against the “oatmeal for breakfast, whole grain crackers with the pasta salad, and avoiding all fats like the plague” mindset. Here I am eating cheese, bacon, and keeping the half and half. In other words, plenty of protein, plenty of fat.

But I’m consistently losing weight, and they aren’t.

And that’s where the rubber meets the road… RESULTS!

Keep An Open Mind

A diet plan is only truly working if the numbers on the scale go down. Feeling superior as you crunch on breads and fat free pasta dishes still won’t take the weight off. The low carb, get rid of sugar diet has been the only thing that has worked for me. But it can be a hard mindset to swallow.

Old habits die hard and changing how you eat, educating yourself about the effects of high blood sugar and learning about the adverse effects of carbs on the body has been an earth moving experience for me. The more I read about GMO products, over-use of pesticides and chemicals, epic levels of diabetes, and the whole litany of ills our world is facing, has had such a profound impact that I really can’t wait to start growing our own fruits and vegetables, and take even more personal control over our food choices and sources.

I know it is common as you grow older to desire better health and keep the ills of growing older at bay for as long as possible, but I encourage you to think about avoiding many of those problems all together by getting healthy and staying healthy early on.

As always, do your own research into all of this, but don’t be afraid. What have you got to lose? Maybe some extra weight.


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