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Preparing For A Disaster

I used to not want to admit it, but we live in an unstable world, and it is getting more dangerous as the days go by. I believe that preparing our families for what lies ahead is amongst the most critically important things that we can do.

The Farmall Super A

The Farmall Super A was itself a successor to the popular Farmall A, and entered production in 1947. Over 107,000 Super A rolled off of International Harvester’s Farmall production lines between 1947 and 1954.

Democrats Pass Gun Control Bill in House

The Democrat Controlled House of Representatives took further steps today to infringe upon your God-given rights and Liberty.  In a Bill the will require mandatory background checks on all but private sales between relatives, the Left is pushing hard for a defacto Universal Gun Registry. 

Making Hay with Old Iron

For the new farmer, older equipment is often the only choice when outfitting your farm for a haying operation. Be wise and choose equipment carefully.

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