The Farmall Super A

The Farmall Super A

For about two years now, I have been searching for that one tractor. That tractor that stirs my imagination about the good ol’ days, a tractor that was popular when my dad was a kid. I’ve been in the pursuit of a Farmall Super A.

The Super A, of course, did not nearly have the HP of the larger machines. By today’s standards, it is rated at 20hp. Nevertheless, we used it quite a bit. The main chore the tractor fulfilled had to do with cultivating our two organic vegetable fields. However, it also became a great tractor for tedding and raking hay. 

The Farmall Super A was itself a successor to the popular Farmall A, and entered production in 1947. Over 107,000 Super A rolled off of International Harvester’s Farmall production lines between 1947 and 1954. Like its forerunner, the tractor featured offset seating and steering to aid in cultivating and the use of Farmall’s Culti-Vision. However, the Super A used the brand new Touch Control hydraulic lift system in place of the manual Lift-All system. This was a huge blessing to farmers at the time. The Super A’s ease of use drove sales through the roof.

These days, if you head to any tractor auction or cruise the online market place, you will see dozens and dozens of Farmall Super A being offered for sale or auction. Many of them are still in their original state. Others have been lovingly rebuilt and restored to new condition. Most serious collectors of IH tractors have at least one in their collection. A number of farmers still look for these small tractors for light work around their farm or homestead. You will find them at work plowing or cultivating small fields, tedding hay, gardening, and completing other small odd jobs.

Sure there are more modern tractors out there, and I love the color green or blue just as much as anyone else, but in my eyes it hard to imagine a barn without a beautiful red tractor sitting there ready to attend to any work that needs to be done. 


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