Preparing For A Disaster

Preparing For A Disaster

I used to not want to admit it, but we live in an unstable world, and it is getting more dangerous as the days go by.

I believe that preparing our families for what lies ahead is amongst the most critically important things that we can do. Having food, water, medical supplies and a way (ideally more than one), to protect you and yours can be the contrast between living and dying.

To be honest, preparing your family, can be very overwhelming. I’ve been there. So where does one start? What amount of supplies does one need to stockpile in each area?

To begin, you have to overlook many of the internet warriors out there who insist you heap into your basement 10 years of food, 50 long arms, and 7,000,000 rounds of ammo. That is one surefire approach to get discouraged before you even begin and it simply does not help at all. You need to begin where you are and with what you can afford. A few people can go ahead an spend $10,000 on preparation, most of us cannot rub two pennies together at times. At first concentrate on four unique areas; food, water, medical and protection. Buy what you can, when you can. 

Food: Start out by setting a goal of a month worth of crisis food. You can go up from there.  If you can afford it, dehydrated foods with shelf lives of 20+ years are a great option.  But not everyone can afford it, and these dehydrated rations can be pricey.

As a cheaper option, I strongly recommend canned food and dried rice, beans, oats, fruits, and other long shelf life food.  Canned food is well known to last without significant nutritional degradation beyond the manufacture dates, and eating canned food that is 10+ years old if stored correctly provides nutrition still.

Start with one month as I have stated.  Store it properly.  After you have 1 month of food, start on another month.  So on, so forth.  Ignore the hysteria of many folks, and the naysayers who say you need to have 5000 MREs and 4 tons of rice, or those who say you can only eat what you grow in your garden, ignore them all. You have to do what is best for you and your family.  There is only so much you can do at a given time. 

Water: You must have water. I advise having at the very least one week of drinking water available. Clean drinking water is an requirement. Begin with 50 gallons of spring water for bad times. Once more, you can go from that point. Begin to build up a filtration framework like a charcoal filter, a way to boil water, and a water catchment system. It may take a couple of months to get this system designed and up to a few months to get it set up. Start where you can.

The main issue is you must have a supply of water for if the spigot quits running.


Medical: People get hurt. Individuals become ill. This is one area that can be overwhelming. It is simpler to stockpile food and water or to acquire said things. It is a great deal more difficult to realize what you have to stockpile for medicinal supplies. Obviously, you should stockpile gauze wraps, dressing, Neosporin and topical antibiotics. You will likewise need any prescribed medication on hand, in any event enough for 6 months to a year. How would you stockpile that? By and large, you can buy it online from websites based in Canada or Europe and shipped through the mail. Additionally, you can order pet antibiotics from a pet supply shop. They are the same as what we use.

Medicinal supplies are vital. Begin where you can and purchase what you can bear the cost of and develop month by month.

Protection: Equally important to the other 3 areas. In today’s climate I strongly advocate for a magazine fed semi-automatic rifle such as an AR-15, or an AK variant rifle.  Having at least 7-8 magazines for that weapon and a minimal of 1000-2000 rounds of ammunition.  When you have the rifle, then start on acquiring a handgun, and some hunting arms.  But start with a defensive rifle.    


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