I’m Finally Losing Weight and You Can Too!

I’m Finally Losing Weight and You Can Too!

Yes, I’m finally losing weight, and you can too. But you may need to open your mind to a new way of thinking about the foods you eat.

I have been a dieter for almost thirty years. During that time, I have had very little success. I might lose a few pounds, but they usually find me again and bring along some friends. This time things are different.

I’m going low-carb. I’ve been reading about our grains and how they have become genetically modified, grown in chemically saturated soil, and then sprayed with known cancer-causing pesticides. As an example, I learned that Glyphosate (also known as RoundUp and a proven carcinogen) is sprayed indiscriminately over large tracts of land, resulting in huge overspray problems with virtually zero control over where the stuff lands, or whose food is contaminated.

All this has helped to keep me out of the bread basket, and the weight is coming off. Not by leaps and bounds, but steadily and that’s good enough for me. As I write this I’m almost 25 pounds lighter!

My avoidance of grains began as my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. We began reading about the effect of carbohydrates on blood sugar. This was eye-opening to say the least. Biotech firms are always looking to up productivity and I see where all that is very appealing to farmers, but there’s a down side to all this- what’s being put in and what’s being left out.

One thing going on is we are growing fatter and suffering from malnutrition. Diabetes, heart disease, and cancer rates show no sign of going down. There’s also the problem of our soil becoming toxic, and the decrease in bee and butterfly populations.
Don’t look to either side of the political aisle to help with what’s going on with our agricultural health. Big biotech firms contribute to both party’s candidates with campaign donations. This mess isn’t going to clear up by itself, but we can help.
Non-GMO LabelThe power of the consumer is not to be overlooked. Here are a few practical steps you can take:

  • At the grocery store look for that cute NON-GMO label.
  • Visit your local farm markets and frequent the organic, NON-GMO independent farmer.
  • If you can, make every effort to grow or raise your own food. The whole family will benefit not only from eating real food, but all the outdoor activity that comes with it.

We have to watch out for our own healthy living, no one is going to do it for us. Personal responsibility in this is really going to pay off.

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    Makes sense about the GMO foods being bad for us. Unfortunately most of our country have no idea how to plant, tend, and harvest a garden. Simple things in life have become the most difficult for some in my generation and so many in the generation behind me. Getting back to teaching the basics of life will be important for our children!!

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