Getting High On Melting Wheelie Bins

Getting High On Melting Wheelie Bins

I read a story on Fox35 today about kids in the UK, and this is what they are doing.

They are lighting plastic garbage cans – also known as wheelie bins – on fire, and then inhaling the fumes. Of course, these fumes are quite toxic, but they also, apparently, produce a high.

I kid you not.

Now, I don’t claim to understand what might induce a teenager, who should be old enough to know better, to do such a thing, I do know that it’s really nothing new. Kids have been sniffing stuff to get high since before I was born, and that was way back in the 50’s. What is new is how far these kids are willing to go. I mean, when I was young it was glue they were sniffing. Now, they’re lighting roadside trash receptacles ablaze and sniffing those.

I mean, c’mon!

Where are these kid’s parents? And just where are they coming up with this stuff? How full of mush does your skull need to be in order to do something like this?

Can I just make a simple suggestion? Parents, please take a minute and talk to your kids about not doing stupid stuff, and explain to them exactly why it’s stupid. Don’t assume that they know. That’s one of the the biggest mistakes I see young parents making… ASSUMING their kids understand things when they don’t. After all, remember that your kids are stupid, meaning they don’t have any wisdom, until you teach them.

You can’t rely on school to teach them. School can’t even handle the “reading, writing, and arithmetic” they’re supposed to be teaching, much less things like common sense and wisdom.

That’s your job, and all the evidence you need of how important it is is summed up in the fact that THEY’RE SNIFFING BURNING WHEELIE BINS.

For crying out loud.


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