Democrats Pass Gun Control Bill in House

Democrats Pass Gun Control Bill in House

The Democrat Controlled House of Representatives took further steps today to infringe upon your God-given rights and Liberty.  In a Bill the will require mandatory background checks on all but private sales between relatives, the Left is pushing hard for a defacto Universal Gun Registry.  The Bill dubbed the “Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019”, was passed by all Democrats, and 8 traitorous Republicans who sold their souls to the all-consuming fire of Political Correctness, and ultimately Communism. 

Make No mistake, to the Left, this is the first steps of a National Gun Confiscation. It has always been their goal.  It will always be their goal.  For people who desire, no, demand control over every human in America there can be no armed patriots who stand in their way.  In their minds, Patriots will by default follow every piece of legislation their godlike hands’ sign. 

They, of course, are delusional.

 It is the Patriot’s duty to ignore, disobey, and ultimately oppose every unconstitutional law. Especially laws that push us all towards enslavement to a party that has shown nothing but a ravenous appetite for death.

I’ll keep my guns.  


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